Andrea Lazenby

Andrea Lazenby is a EMO Practitioner in Staffordshire, Stoke-On-Trent, England
Andrea Lazenby
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  • Address Staffordshire, Stoke-On-Trent, England
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  • Date Joined Qualified April 2010
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I am passionate about empowering people. Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions (TBE) are the basis of life. If you always think what you always have you will always get what you have always got! Change your thoughts and you change your life. Your TBE’s can keep you stuck in the same old, same old groundhog day always repeating the same patterns of thought that produce the same patterns of behaviour that produce the same emotions and outcome that are no longer wanted. EMOTRANCE is a great tool to wake up and get into your body so you can at last begin to drive your life in the direction you are choosing instead of always ending up in the same old situations with the same old emotions. It really is time to say ‘ I WANT TO’ and more importantly ‘I CAN’. Arrange a consultation today and take your life in a new direction. Equilibra is an organisation that is committed to individual empowerment, optimum health, wealth and happiness. The first part of the name derives from the first part of the word Equilibrium meaning state of balance. Libra is the seventh of the astrological zodiacal signs that has the symbol of the scales; meaning opposing sides are balanced. The infinity sign in the logo, which links the two words Equi and Libra, means boundlessness. These powerful meanings were chosen to highlight the company’s concept of providing services that enhance a person’s ability to achieve boundless balance of mind, body and emotions that lead to health, happiness and longevity. The complementary therapies that we offer are applied alongside and in support of conventional medical methods, thus complementing the range of services provided by the orthodox medical professions. (In contrast, alternative medicine is treatment used in place of conventional medicine).


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